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JTC Olly Steele Learn To Play Open TUTORiAL

Description: Olly Steele’s “Open” is crammed with hard-hitting riffs and finger acrobatics, and you can learn it exclusively at JTC. Groove-driven riffage and prog metal licks wrapped up in one killer release.
You’re first taken through four primer lessons that highlight the key skills and techniques needed to nail the track. 11 highly detailed breakdown lessons from the man himself that take you through every single note and give you further guidance on the hurdles to overcome. You’ll take on signature low string “wobbles”, blindingly fast tapping lines, extended chord voicings, hammer ons, pull offs and of course some good old door slamming chugs.
Once you’ve got the notes under your fingers, there’s slow playthroughs for every single section of the song including that monstrous solo. These will help you refine and lock in each riff and section at a much slower tempo.
At the pack’s summit, the full playthrough combines everything you’ve learnt together for a final showdown.