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[Melodic Techno风格血清预设套装]TALES Melodic Techno Serum presets

[Melodic Techno风格血清预设套装]TALES Melodic Techno Serum presets

Melodic Techno与Artbat,Tales Of Us,Camelphat之类的艺术家以及Afterlife和Anjunadeep之类的唱片公司一起无疑是目前电子音乐中最热门的类型之一。

TALES Melodic Techno Serum预设是Xfer著名的Serum vst插件的110种高级声音的集合,但您还可以访问25个Melodic Techno MIDI文件和Ableton Live 10项目。

由7个SKIES(Spinnin,Musical Freedom和Anjunabeats)精心设计和制造,此套装探索了Serum的无限可能性,并将其带到乐器之前从未见过的声音设计技术,将它们带入了一个新的高度。

我们花了无数小时来尝试提供真正的模拟音调,甚至使用非常规技术重新创建了Filter FM和老式合唱效果,结果简直令人赞叹。


With artists such as Artbat, Tales Of Us, Camelphat, and labels such as Afterlife and Anjunadeep, Melodic Techno is undoubtedly one of the hottest genres of electronic music right now.

TALES Melodic Techno Serum presets, is a collection of 110 superior sounds for the famous Serum vst plugin by Xfer but you will also get access to 25 Melodic Techno MIDI files and an Ableton Live 10 project.

Carefully designed and engineered by 7 SKIES (Spinnin, Musical Freedom, Anjunabeats), this pack explores the infinite possibilities of Serum and takes them to the next level, with sound-design techniques never seen before on the instrument.

We spent countless hours trying to deliver a true analog tone and went as far as recreating Filter FM and vintage chorus effects using unconventional techniques, and the result is simply stunning.

This pack will provide a constant stream of inspiration and work as an excellent tool to learn new sound-design techniques by reverse-engineering the presets.