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[嘻哈说唱采样]Kingsway Music Library MINO Vol.1(1.01Gb)

[嘻哈说唱采样]Kingsway Music Library MINO Vol.1(1.01Gb)

金斯威音乐图书馆很荣幸推出MINO Vol。 1.该库包含14个来自MINO金斯威团队新成员的原始样本。

在这个资料库中,他通过将声学,合成和人声纹理错综复杂地融合在一起,描绘出了一个真正充满活力的旋律调色板,传达了您对Kingsway Music Library的期望



Kingsway Music Library is proud to present MINO Vol. 1. This library features 14 original samples by a new part of the Kingsway Team, MINO.

In this library he paints a truly vibrant palette of melodies by intricately weaving together acoustic, synth, and vocal textures, delivering what you’ve come to expect from Kingsway Music Library

MINO’s ability to gradually pull you into his auditory story open the gates for unlimited possibilities of inspiration and creative sample flipping.

This Sample Pack may require Master Clearance.