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[氛围铺底大提琴采样]That Worship Sound Cello Pad [WAV](1.48Gb)

[氛围铺底大提琴采样]That Worship Sound Cello Pad [WAV](1.48Gb)



例如,播放A打击垫并沿A琴键中的任何歌曲播放,由于这些打击垫与速度或拍号无关,因此您可以播放较快或较慢的歌曲,或从4/4切换到6 / 8


Created by combining a cello drone (saturated in reverb and distortion) with a layer of high pads that have a lot of movement and are very harmonically rich. Great for ballads and epic songs that will build.

12 minute long audio files. Available in both WAV and MP3 files. No fancy software required. Import into your DAW of choice or simply play it from any audio player/computer.

These pads are not tied to a tempo, chord progression or time signature, works great in any situation.

e.g. Play the A pad and play along any song that’s in the key of A, and since these pads are not tied to a tempo or time signature, you can play a faster song or a slow one or switch from 4/4 to 6/8

What you get:

12 minutes long.
All 12 keys WAV and MP3 files.