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Rhythmic Robot Audio PatchVault Poly6 Factory Set B [KONTAKT](508Mb)

Rhythmic Robot Audio PatchVault Poly6 Factory Set B [KONTAKT](508Mb)

温暖而富有特色的Korg PolySix的后32个工厂补丁•简单但功能强大的控制集,包括Tilt EQ,Filter和Amplifier,使您可以制作自己的声音•修改了Velocity-to-Volume和Velocity-cut-off,从而可以享受富有表现力的声音,响应式补丁•经典声音,每个补丁20p!

我们正在开发B银行的演示,并会在完成时通知您-但我们将与A银行同时发布此文件,以便您可以直接购买两者而获得折扣? –教授


适用于Korg PolySix的Hurray:价格适中的便携式模拟多合成器,具有简单易用的控制和惊人的声波潜能。表面上是一台单振荡器机器,但是有一个非常有用的子振荡器来增强音色,再加上出色的Bucket-Brigade风格效果以增强声音(这里的突出之处是Ensemble效果,非常甜美而清澈) …再加上令人敬畏的Unison,它将所有六个声音叠加在一起,产生大量的线索和贝斯。

Korg 770和PolySix#1


获得PatchVault Poly6和6种混合材料?

(我们所有的Kontakt乐器都需要Native Instruments Kontakt v4.2.3或更高版本的完整副本(包括Kontakt 5的所有版本)

The second 32 factory patches from the warm and characterful Korg PolySix Simple but powerful control set including Tilt EQ, Filter and Amplifier so you can craft your own sounds Velocity-to-volume and Velocity-to-cutoff retrofitted so you can enjoy expressive, responsive patches Classic sounds for 20p per patch!

We’re working on the Bank B demo and will let you know when it’s finished – but we’re releasing this at the same time as Bank A so you can get the discount for buying both straight away – Prof

The marvel of PatchVault brings you more classic synth patches for 20c a pop!

Hurrah for the Korg PolySix: an affordable, portable analogue polysynth with nice simple controls and a surprising amount of sonic potential. On the surface it’s a one-oscillator machine, but there’s a very useful sub oscillator for beefing up your patches, plus excellent Bucket-Brigade style effects for thickening the sound (the standout here is the Ensemble effect, which is wonderfully sweet and sweeping)… plus the awesome Unison, which stacks all six voices for massive leads and basses.

Korg 770 and PolySix #1

Our PatchVault recreation brings you all the original factory patches in two banks (this is Bank B, and you can get it at a discount if you buy Bank A at the same time – use the coupon code POLY6 when you checkout). Each bank is crammed with 32 wonderful time-capsule sounds.

Get the PatchVault Poly6 and six up your mix

(All our Kontakt instruments require a full copy of Native Instruments Kontakt v4.2.3 or higher (including all versions of Kontakt 5). Kontakt Player is not supported: