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Tom Wolfe Lunnen [Synth Presets]

Tom Wolfe Lunnen [Synth Presets]

团队火炬| 2020年12月7日| 513 KB

Lunnen是受英国电视剧《 Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2》启发的一组100个预设。受包括Broadchurch,Black Mirror,Marcella和Happy Valley在内的乐谱的影响,Lunnen捕捉了这些乐谱的低调本质,同时也承认了握力的瞬间。Lunnen旨在用作英国电影声音的工具包,充满了轻盈,细腻的打击乐音序,精致的打击垫以及剧烈的低音和质感。


·100种适用于Specsonicsonics Omnisphere的预设

Team Flare | 07 December 2020 | 513 KB

Lunnen is a set of 100 presets inspired by British TV Drama for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2. Influenced by scores including Broadchurch, Black Mirror, Marcella and Happy Valley, Lunnen captures the understated nature of these scores, while acknowledging the moments of gripping intensity. Designed to be a toolkit of British cinematic sounds, Lunnen is full of light, thin percussive sequences, delicate pads, and fiercely intense basses and textures.


· 100 presets for Spectrasonics Omnisphere
· British-inspired cinematic synth sounds
· Understated with moments of gripping intensity
· Full of light, thin percussive sequences, delicate pads and fiercely intense
basses and textures