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X10 Monochrome Trap Noir and Wavey Drill [WAV]

X10 Monochrome Trap Noir and Wavey Drill [WAV]

奇妙 2020年12月8日| 113兆字节

黑暗,沉思和搏动,这个包充满了合成器,琴键和钢琴,再加上重新采样的吉他,琴弦和琴键。它甚至包括人声以增加风味。这些单镜头和循环由SixFoor精心制作,从Headie One,RV,Loski,Russ和67中汲取灵感。如果您正在寻找乐曲开始和基础样本来启动您的英国演习,alt R&B或深陷陷阱生产中,您找到了正确的包装。

FANTASTiC | 08 December 2020 | 113 MB

Dark, brooding, and pulsating, this pack is brimming with synths, keys, and pianos, plus resampled guitars, strings, and keys. It even includes vocals for extra flavor. Crafted by SixFoor, these one-shots and loops draw inspiration from Headie One, RV, Loski, Russ, and 67. If you’re looking for song-starts and foundational samples to kick off your UK drill, alt R&B, or deep trap production, you’ve found the right pack.