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Rubicon Plant Music and Granular Performances [WAV]

Rubicon Plant Music and Granular Performances [WAV]

奇妙 2020年12月7日| 773兆字节


在Plant Music&Granular Performances中,您将听到通过VHS磁带,空间回声,模拟混响和吉他踏板奇数处理的声音,以营造大气氛围。用Imka亲自修补的定制Max For Live设备对来自植物的传入信号进行按摩。较长的样本使生产者可以用选择性的耳朵来解释多节的段落,而较短的切成小节的循环则提供了可理解的采样体验,并具有解释的空间。Imka鼓励放慢声音,加速声音并重新安排口味。精心制作的Plant Music和Generative Performances富有想象力,对于寻求以前从未听说过且具有前瞻性的声音,这确实是必备的。

FANTASTiC | 07 December 2020 | 773 MB

A bridge between nature and musician is explored by Imka (Evidence of Yesterday) using MIDISprout technology and granular synthesis to capture and sonify the biodata of plants in this collection of micro-compositions unlike any other. A collaboration on equal grounds, plants are as much the composer as Imka in this array of live ambient performances, captured with the use case of MPC-style sampling close in mind.

Within Plant Music & Granular Performances, you’ll hear sounds processed through VHS tapes, space echo, analog reverb, and guitar pedal oddities for atmospheric warmth. Incoming signals from plants are massaged with custom Max For Live devices, patched by Imka himself. Long-form samples allow producers to interpret multi-section passages with a selective ear, while shorter loops cut to bar offer an approachable sampling experience with room for interpretation. Imka encourages these worlds of sound be slowed down, sped up, and rearranged to taste. Plant Music & Generative Performances is as imaginative as it is carefully crafted––truly a must-have for seekers of sounds previously unheard and forward-thinking.