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Sound Doctrine Cathedral [WAV]

Sound Doctrine Cathedral [WAV]

奇妙 2020年12月7日| 448兆字节

传统教堂礼仪中最具标志性的时刻之一是管风琴在会众赞美诗或歌曲中响起的声音。这些乐器很多次在教堂圣所中响起无与伦比的铃声和回响。我们通过在北费城最古老的教堂之一的Bright Hope Baptist教堂录制主要风琴演奏家Troy Chambers,为生产者提供最真实的乐器。


FANTASTiC | 07 December 2020 | 448 MB

One of the most iconic moments in a traditional church service is the sound of a pipe organ ringing out during a congregational hymn or song. These instruments many times fill a church sanctuary with a ringing and reverberation that is second to none. We sought to provide producers with the most authentic offering of this instrument by recording master organist Troy Chambers at Bright Hope Baptist Church, one of the oldest churches in North Philadelphia.

With this release you’ll have the option to use pieces of traditional hymns or various mood based original compositions (Uplifting, Staccato, Tense, Soft etc.) for your own projects. A very useful part of this release are also the one-shots that can be easily dragged into a sampler to use and manipulate to build your own instruments. Add some anthemic and majestic flavor to your tracks with these authentic pipe organ samples that are extremely hard to duplicate.