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TrakTrain Red Sun Guitar Loop Kit [WAV]

TrakTrain Red Sun Guitar Loop Kit [WAV]

P2P | 2020年10月31日| 169兆字节

Traktrain展示了带有100个吉他环的“ Red Sun”吉他环套件,包括干净的和经过效果处理的版本。循环由附属制片人在演播室进行现场录制。首先,作者打算将此套件用于Emo Trap和Chill Hop,Lo-Fi环境。但是,如果它们适合该曲目的情绪,则在任何类型的Hip-Hop节拍中都听起来不错。


P2P | 31 October 2020 | 169 MB

Traktrain presents “Red Sun” guitar loop kit with 100 guitar loops, including clean and processed by effects version. The loops were performed and recorded live in a studio by an affiliated producer. Above all, the author intended this kit to be used in Emo Trap and Chill Hop, Lo-Fi context. However, they will sound good with any type of Hip-Hop beat if they fit the mood of that track.

First of all, the “Red Sun” kit is about the expression: it conveys the feelings of anguish and loneliness. The short musical fragments within those loops conjure up images of unknown depths, unvisited thickets and morning dew on blades of grass which grows on steep mountain slopes. Secondly, among those lyrical licks, there are a few grooves with interesting rhythms that will help propel any song’s movement. Thirdly, the author seasoned the loops with quality effects that deepen the emotional effect and make them sound good on their own and within a mix. So if you are looking to diversify your sound, this kit is worth checking out!