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TrakTrain Digital Tears by LOWTOW [WAV]

TrakTrain Digital Tears by LOWTOW [WAV]

P2P | 2020年10月31日| 124兆字节

Lowtow展示了他的吉他样本包,称为“数字眼泪”,其中包含作者本人演奏的50个吉他循环。因为吉他已经成为Limo Peep和Ghostemane这样的艺术家的Emo Rap的必备品,所以该套件中包含的样品将在这种情况下完美工作。但是,当然,它们在Trap,Hip-Hop和Lo-Fi节拍中的音质也一样。


P2P | 31 October 2020 | 124 MB

Lowtow presents his Guitar Sample Pack called «Digital Tears» that contains 50 guitar loops played by the author himself. Because the guitar has become a staple of Emo Rap with such artists like Lil Peep and Ghostemane, the samples included in this kit will work perfectly in that context. But of course, they will sound good in Trap, Hip-Hop, and Lo-Fi beats just as well.

The loops “Digital Tears” kit contains are professionally recorded in a studio and went through equalization, compression, as well as processed by different effects. This makes them production ready to use in any kind of beat or song. From soaring ambient reverb and delay to growling distortion – all those effects help create a unique atmosphere for each loop.