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ShamanStems Wonky Bass [WAV, DAW Templates]

ShamanStems Wonky Bass [WAV, DAW Templates]

发现| 2020年11月1日| 152兆字节

渴望一些甜美,奶油般的鲈鱼,所以它几乎可以吃了吗?我们美味可口的Wonky Bass可在这里服务!在这些美味的430+ Moog,Doepfer,Korg,Elektron和Yamaha低音流行乐中大饱口福,在模拟舷外机上进行精心烘烤,注入美味的EQ,并撒上轻度的饱和度,以增添活力。

不要忘记为沙漠腾出空间!30个Ableton Projects可以很好地使用这些单发镜头,还可以作为wav施工套件环提供,樱桃在上面,这是一个定制的Ableton效果架,旨在将那些黄油状的鲈鱼调味到您想要的口味。


您会发现仅使用高端模拟和数字硬件创建的433种低音效果,并在适当的地方带有键标签,并分成酸性,奶油,前卫,倾斜和混杂的文件夹。此外,您会发现30个不稳定的房屋和Techno施工套件文件夹,总共88个低音循环,125-127 Bpm及其各自的Ableton Live项目,因此您将可以访问Midi文件和效果部分,从而可以使用它们作为新项目的模板。

内部有一个定制的Ableton特效机架,外加16个预设,采用位减少,饱和,低增强和胶合。您还将找到该演示的Ableton Project文件,仅低音部分。

DISCOVER | 01 November 2020 | 152 MB

Craving for some of that sweet,creamy bass,so phat it’s almost good enough to eat? Our monstrously delicious Wonky Bass is here to serve! Feast yourself on these savoury 430+ Moog, Doepfer, Korg, Elektron and Yamaha bass hits, tenderly baked through analogue outboards, imbued with savoury EQ and sprinkled with light saturation for the extra pep.

Don’t forget to make room for desert! 30 Ableton Projects are putting those one-shots to good use, also provided as wav construction kit loops, and the cherry on top, a custom Ableton Effect Rack designed to season those buttery bass morsels to your desired taste.

What’s Inside?

You will discover 433 bass hits created using only high-end analog and digital hardware, key-labeled where applicable, split into acidic, creamy, edgy, pitchy and misc folders. Furthermore, you will find 30 wonky house and techno construction kit folders, 88 bass loops in total, 125-127 Bpm and their respective Ableton Live Projects, so you’ll have access to the midi files and effects section, allowing you to use them as templates for new projects.

There’s a custom made Ableton Effects Rack inside, plus 16 presets, employing bit-reduction,saturation,low boost and glue. You will also find the Ableton Project file for the demo, bass parts only.