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ShamanStems Organic Ambience And Textures 2 [WAV]

ShamanStems Organic Ambience And Textures 2 [WAV]

发现| 2020年11月1日| 5.03 GB




  • 44种动物和自然环境,其中包括在公园,湿地,森林和山顶上记录的鸟类:乌鸦,猎鹰,啄木鸟,st 、,、,海鸥,鹳,狮吼,羊铃,小动物和,狗,猫,蝙蝠,农场动物,马车等等。
  • 从迷人的林荫大道,风骚广场,繁忙的街道和十字路口,欢乐的公园,鼓掌的人群,幼儿园,高中和大学校园,建筑工场,历史重演,夜间工厂,超级市场,购物中心,中世纪的城堡,种族,种族收集的120个人群和地方的氛围汽车集会,足球比赛,地铁地下通道,药店等等。
  • 69通过处理各种物体(例如钞票,水泡,气泡包装纸,玻璃纸,香烟过滤器,布,除尘器,蛋壳,谷物,皮革,松树,锡箔纸,气球,书籍,各种机制,硬币,玻璃,金属)创建的紧缩和沙沙纹理,塑料和橡胶球,塑料和木制玩具,雨伞等
  • 32种元素纹理,具有洞穴和冰川的氛围,煤泥,戈尔,河流,瀑布,海浪,风,雪,下水道,空调风扇,水滴,雨水和碎石
  • 17辆嗡嗡声稀疏的无人机非常适合侧链或增加额外的保暖层
  • 282 Select Shots剪切片段包括拍手,咔嗒声,帽子,perc,快照,抖动,vox和其他
  • 119 Select Sliced Loops短切向上的类似循环的位,范围从BPM 83到189


  • 该演示包含此程序包中不存在的旋律循环,该库仅包含现场记录。


  • 格式:(.WAV)
  • 044 x动物与自然环境
  • 120 x人群和地方环境
  • 069 x紧缩和沙沙纹理
  • 032 x元素纹理
  • 017 x嗡嗡声
  • 282 x选择拍摄
  • 119 x选择切片循环
  • 总共683个文件
  • 44.1kHz / 24位高质量
  • 与所有DAW兼容

DISCOVER | 01 November 2020 | 5.03 GB

Globetrotting through bustling European metropolises, medieval strongholds, Aegean seafronts, remote Transylvanian mountaintop hamlets, dense forests, ghoulish caves, frosty glaciers and muddy wetlands has allowed the ShamanStems team to amass a staggering collection of sound bites brimming with life and vigor.

With 2.5 + hours of original audio, this leviathan of a library picks up where Volume 1 left off, providing even more tools for music producers and sound designers alike, professionally recorded and edited to fit any type of audio project, be it games, TV, film, apps or ads.

What’s In The Collection?

  • 44 Animals and Nature ambiences comprised of birds recorded in parks, wetlands, forests and mountaintops: crows, falcons, woodpecker, stints, owlets, seagulls, storks, plus lion roars, sheep bells, critters and crickets, dogs, cats, bats, farm animals, horse carriages and more.
  • 120 Crowds and Places ambiences collected from charming boulevards, coquettish plazas, hectic streets and intersections, cheery parks, clapping crowds, kindergartens, highschools and college campuses, construction yards, historical reenactments, factories at night, supermarkets, malls, touristy medieval citadels, race-car rallies, football games, subway underpasses, drug stores and more.
  • 69 Crunch and Rustle textures created by manipulating various objects such as banknotes, blisters, bubblewrap, cellophane, cigarette filters, cloth, dusters, egg shells, grains, leather, songe, tinfoil, baloons, books, various mechanisms, coins, glass, metal, plastic and rubber balls, plastic and wooden toys, umbrellas and more
  • 32 Elemental textures featuring cave and glacier ambience, slime, gore, rivers, waterfalls, sea waves, winds, snow, sewers, AC fans, water drops, rain and gravel
  • 17 Hums sparse drones perfect for sidechaining or adding an extra layer of warmth
  • 282 Select Shots cut outs divided into claps, clicks, hats, perc, snap, shake, vox and miscellaneous
  • 119 Select Sliced Loops short sliced up loop-like bits ranging from BPMs 83 to 189


  • The demo contains melodic loops not present in this pack, the library consists of field recordings only.

Product Specifications:

  • Format: (.WAVs)
  • 044 x Animals And Nature Ambiences
  • 120 x Crowds And Places Ambiences
  • 069 x Crunch And Rustle Textures
  • 032 x Elemental Textures
  • 017 x Hums
  • 282 x Select Shots
  • 119 x Select Slices Loops
  • 683 x Files In Total
  • 44.1kHz/24-Bit High Quality
  • Compatible With All DAWs