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Prime Loops Future Bass Essentials [Synth Presets]

Prime Loops Future Bass Essentials [Synth Presets]

团队火炬| 2020年10月31日| 151 KB

使用Prime Loops最新一批针对Native Instruments Massive Synth进行专业编程的Future Bass预设,将您的作品推向未来。我们已经锁定在Prime Loops实验室中,不知疲倦地为您带来Future Bass Essentials [Massive Presets]。

从Flume,Lido,Louis Futon,Haywyre,Porter Robinson等公司汲取灵感,Future Bass Essentials [Massive Presets]可直接为您的DAW提供80个专业设计的Massive Presets。对于任何未来的低音或冰冷陷阱制作人来说都是必不可少的,此下一组Arps,Bass,Synths,Leads,Plucks和Pads的集合将满足您所有的谐波需求。尽管这些预设在设计时考虑了Future Bass和Chill Trap,但它们适用于需要某种合成音源能力的任何类型!

每个Massive Preset都带有分配给不同参数的许多宏控制,为您增加了多样性和额外的控制。这种增加的多功能性使您可以根据自己的喜好修改每种声音。无论您要寻找的是Flume风格的调制合成和弦,Wave Racer的杂音门控和弦进程,还是Lido强大的合成器刺音,您都可以在这里找到所有这些声音以及更多其他内容!因此,立即下载Future Bass Essentials [Massive Presets],并将一些巧妙设计的Future能量注入您的作品中!

请注意:您将需要Massive Version 1.3或更高版本才能使用它们。



Team Flare | 31 October 2020 | 151 KB

Propel your productions into the future with Prime Loops’ very latest batch of expertly programmed Future Bass presets for Native Instruments Massive Synth. We’ve been locked away in the Prime Loops Labs, working tirelessly to bring you Future Bass Essentials [Massive Presets].

Taking inspiration from the likes of Flume, Lido, Louis Futon, Haywyre, Porter Robinson and many more, Future Bass Essentials [Massive Presets] delivers 80 expertly designed Massive Presets straight to your DAW. Essential for any Future Bass or Chill Trap producer, this collection of next level Arps, Bass, Synths, Leads, Plucks and Pads, will have all of your harmonic needs covered. And whilst these presets were designed with Future Bass and Chill Trap in mind, they would be suitable for any genre that requires some straight-up synth power!

Each Massive Preset comes with a number of Macro Controls assigned to different parameters, giving you added variety and extra control. This added versatility allows you to modify each sound to your preference. Whether you are looking for Flume-style modulated synth chords, Wave Racer’s stuttery gated chord progressions, or Lido’s powerful synth stabs, you’ll find all of these sounds and plenty more covered here! So download Future Bass Essentials [Massive Presets] now and inject some skilfully designed Future energy into your Productions!

Please note: You will need Massive Version 1.3 or higher in order to use these.


· 80 Massive Presets