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ShamanStems Chill Pads [WAV, Ableton Live]

ShamanStems Chill Pads [WAV, Ableton Live]

发现| 2020年11月1日| 1.85 GB

ShamanStems的最新系列中充斥着深沉的波光粼粼的床,舒缓的氛围和喜怒无常的垫子,并配有Ableton Live乐器和效果架,演示项目,和弦,单音符,循环和MIDI文件,从而使它成为音乐家和制作人的多功能工具箱。

这些声音都是使用高端硬件合成器(从Yamaha矢量和FM合成器到Waldorf Wavetable和Korg混合合成器)设计的,非常适合任何类型的声音,无论是环境,流行,家庭还是DnB。

在内部,您会发现30个Ableton Live乐器架,其中包含用于采样开始时间,起音,释放,滑音时间,过滤器控制和循环开/关的宏指令。还提供了三个Ableton Effect架子以进一步塑造打击垫,包括Multistomp,理想为了增加温暖和个性,Mangler非常适合使声音降级和低落; Motion机架通过移相,自动过滤和自动平移设计使音垫活跃起来。

所述机架是使用C密钥中记录的106个Wav单音符创建的,跨许多个八度音程,而很少进行外部处理,以捕获所记录机器的真实声音和感觉。129 Wav和弦提供各种键,并附有各自的MIDI音符。将所有这些声音放到您选择的采样器或波表合成器中,进行分层,修饰并发挥创造力。



包装中仅包含打击垫,包装中不包含鼓,贝斯,琶音和演示中的FX。发现的声音摘录自ShamanStems-Organic Ambience&Textures。-使用Ableton Live机架和演示项目需要Ableton Live 9.7.2。+。

DISCOVER | 01 November 2020 | 1.85 GB

Deep shimmering beds, soothing atmos and moody pads abound in ShamanStems’ latest collection, loaded with Ableton Live instruments and effects racks, demo projects, chords, single notes, loops and MIDI files, making it an extremely versatile toolkit for musicians and producers.

Perfect for any genre, be it ambient, pop, house or DnB, these sounds have been designed using high-end hardware synthesizers, ranging from Yamaha vector and FM synths to Waldorf Wavetable and Korg mixed-synthesis gear.

Inside you will discover 30 Ableton Live Instrument Racks, with macros for sample start time, attack, release, portamento time, filter controls and loop on/off.Three Ableton Effect Racks are also available to further shape the pads, including a Multistomp, ideal for adding warmth and character, a Mangler, which is perfect for degrading and lofi-ing the sounds and a Movement rack, designed liven up the pads via phasing, autofilteringand autopanning.

Said racks have been created using the 106 Wav single notes recorded in the key of C, across many octaves, with very little external processing, to capture the genuine sound and feel of the machines they were recorded form. 129 Wav Chords are provided in various keys, with their respective MIDI notes attached. Drop all of these sounds into your sampler or wavetable synth of choice, layer, mangle and get creative.

11 Demo Projects showcase the use of the above racks and all WAV and MIDI content has been rendered inside the Demo Loops folders as construction kits for easy and fast access.


The pack contains pads only, the drums, bass, arps and FX from the demo are not present in the pack. Found sounds are excerpted from ShamanStems – Organic Ambience & Textures. – Ableton Live 9.7.2.+ is required to use the Ableton Live racks and demo projects.