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PreSonus Silence Of The Jams [Synth Presets]

PreSonus Silence Of The Jams [Synth Presets]

团队AudioP2P | 2020年11月1日| 321.28兆字节


就像《行尸走肉》的演员表一样,《果酱的寂静》很容易被撕成一口大小的片段,您可以对其进行编辑,重新采样,重新设置动画效果,以及重新组装为自己的科学怪人像差。每个构造套件最多可包含22条轨道,所有轨道均带有速度和密钥标签。另外,您还可以获得5个Impact XT套件,这些套件充满了一次射击和循环。

果酱的寂静在桃树和榆树街拐角处的阴影中等着你。而且,如果您是PreSonus Sphere会员,它已经在跟踪您。

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Team AudioP2P | 01 November 2020 | 321.28 MB

808 meets the number of the beast in this ghoulish collection of five horrorcore construction kits. Iconic 70s and 80s horror film themes are stitched together with contemporary trap beats to form an unspeakable monster of science gone awry. Syncopated hi-hats skitter in between shrieking synth stabs, while alien synth leads soar over leviathan, rumbling sub-bass that’s not of this earth. Creepy choir vocals and weapon sound samples(!) round out this unhallowed offering.

Like the cast of The Walking Dead, Silence of the Jams is easily torn apart into bite-sized pieces that you can edit, re-sample, re-animate, and re-assemble into your own Frankenstylin’ aberrations. You get up to 22 tracks per construction kit, all of which are tempo- and key-labeled. Plus you get 5 Impact XT kits full of one-shots and loops.

Silence of the Jams is waiting for you in the shadows, somewhere around the corner of Peachtree and Elm Street. And if you’re a PreSonus Sphere member, it’s already stalking you.