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Impossible Records KJ Sawka The Basement Recordings Vol.1 [WAV]

Impossible Records KJ Sawka The Basement Recordings Vol.1 [WAV]

团队火炬| 2020年10月31日| 211兆字节

该循环和样本包供生产者搜索现场鼓声,现场鼓拍和填充,以适合各种风格的舞曲,包括流行,摇滚,金属,dnb和节拍。鼓的收集记录在KJ Sawka的地下鼓室中。他在华盛顿州西雅图市的经过隔音处理的地下室工作室和混音室,目前在加利福尼亚州洛杉矶市,其经过良好处理的经过隔音处理的地下室和混音室。邪恶的重采样和重放大效果使声音异常紧凑。第1卷主要是dnb,丛林,嘻哈和失真的炒作风格节拍。许多节拍都是“干湿”的。“ Wet”节拍被粉碎并压缩,可以进行任何制作。“ Dry”通过压缩轻轻刷过,使每个制作人都可以自由调整自己喜欢的方式。SL Box的节拍独特之处在于它的节拍,并特别强调170 bpm dnb和85 bpm的嘻哈风格。250MB的现场鼓循环n个样本。


·10 128BPM箱拍
·11 140BPM箱拍
·16 150BPM箱
拍·7 160BPM箱拍

Team Flare | 31 October 2020 | 211 MB

This loop and sample pack is for the producer searching for live drum sounds and live drum beats and fillls to fit all styles of dance music to pop, rock, metal, dnb and breakbeats. This collection of drums were recorded in KJ Sawka’s basement drum rooms. His acoustically treated basement studio and mixing room in Seattle, Wa and currently his well treated, acoustically sound basement and mixing room in Los Angeles, CA. Amazingly tight sounds with wicked resampling and re-amping. Mostly dnb, jungle, hip-hop and distorted hype style beats in Volume 1. Many of the beats are ‘Wet and Dry’. The ‘Wet’ beats are smashed and compressed, ready to go for any production. The ‘Dry’ are lightly brushed with compression, giving each producer the freedom to tweak as they like. Unique to this volume is the SL Box beats and heavy emphasis on 170 bpm dnb and 85 bpm hiphop styles. 250MBs of Live Drum Loops n Samples.


· 18 85BPM Halftime Beats
· 9 85BPM Hip Hop Beats
· 81 170BPM Beats
· 13 70BPM Effected Beats
· 24 Drum Fills
· 111 Drum Hits (10 Hi Hats, 5 Crashes, 31 Kicks, 5 Rides, 30 Snares, 30 Toms)
· 10 128BPM Box Beats
· 11 140BPM Box Beats
· 16 150BPM Box Beats
· 7 160BPM Box Beats