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Concept Samples Retro RnB [WAV]

Concept Samples Retro RnB [WAV]

DECiBEL团队| 2020年10月31日| 132.2兆字节

Concept Samples的“ Retro RnB”提供了复古注入的声音集合,包括音高的主音,深情的弦,弦,鼓,低音,裂纹等。

此高级收藏品具有为RnB音乐制作人开发的高质量元素调色板。所有文件都标有标签,以便于导航,可以轻松地将其中的任何声音拖放到DAW中。本产品中的声音是使用精品级设备开发的,例如Electron的Analog Rhythm,Access Virus Ti,Waldorf Pulse 2,Moog Sub 37等。请放心,您的作品将获得最高质量的声音。


-44.1kHz / 24位

Team DECiBEL | 31 October 2020 | 132.2 MB

‘Retro RnB’ by Concept Samples delivers a retro-infused collection of sounds featuring pitched Leads, soulful Plucks, Strings, Drums, Bass, Crackles and more.

This premium collection features a high-quality palette of elements developed for producers of RnB music. All files come labelled for easier navigation, to easily drag n drop any of these sounds into your DAW. The sounds within this product have been developed using boutique-grade equipment, such as Analog Rhythm by Electron, Access Virus Ti, Waldorf Pulse 2, Moog Sub 37 and more. Rest assured you get the highest quality sounds for your productions.

Product Details:

– 100% Royalty-Free
– 44.1kHz/24-Bit