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Polo Boy Shawty Mixing Money (Mixer Presets + PDF Guide) [Synth Presets]

Polo Boy Shawty Mixing Money (Mixer Presets + PDF Guide) [Synth Presets]

奇妙 2020年11月13日| 8兆字节


注意:此工具包仅适用于FL STUDIO
每次购买时,您还将免费获得Polo Boy Shawty的“混合货币混合指南”副本!


模板由Stock Plugins制成,由Waves Plugins制成。


FANTASTiC | 13 November 2020 | 8 MB

Take your sound to the next level today!
This mixing kit is made for mixing vocals & mixing your beats and giving them that industry quality sound.

NOTE: This Kit Is Only For FL STUDIO
With every purchase you will aslo receive a free copy of Polo Boy Shawty’s “Mixing Money Mixing Guide” !

In this kit you will receive 40+ mixer presets, 5 custom templates, screenshots of the plugin settings and as mentioned above you will receive an E-Book explaining how to use the kit and mix.

Templates are made with Stock Plugins & are made with Waves Plugins.

Third-Party Plugins aren’t required but they are recommeneded.