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[阿拉伯民族嘻哈素材]Pound Audio Arabian Hip Hop 4 [WAV, MiDi](221Mb)

[阿拉伯民族嘻哈素材]Pound Audio Arabian Hip Hop 4 [WAV, MiDi](221Mb)

“阿拉伯嘻哈4”是这些阿拉伯风格的构建套件的第四部分,旨在激发您的创造力,并为您提供创建真实的民族嘻哈体验所需的所有免版税元素。 这些来自Pound Audio的套件将为您提供所需的所有阿拉伯赃物! 最重要的是,该套件免版税,这意味着您可以在个人或商业作品中使用它们而无需额外费用。 产品详情: 总共超过86个独立循环 24位WAV,MIDI和MP3 473 MB的阿拉伯货币 包括所有节奏和主要音符 5个多轨Hip Hop施工套件

‘Arabian Hip Hop 4’ is the fourth installment of these Arabian style Construction Kits designed to inspire your creativity and provide you with all of the Royalty-Free elements you require to create that authentic Ethnic Hip Hop experience. These Kits from Pound Audio will give you all the Arabian swag you need!

Best of all, the Kits are Royalty-Free, meaning you can use them in personal or commercial compositions at no extra cost.

Product Details:

Over 86 individual loops in total
24-Bit WAV, MIDI & MP3
473 MB of Arabian swagg
All tempos & key notes are included
5 Multi-tracked Hip Hop Construction Kits