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Ocean Veau Analog (ElectraX Bank) [Synth Presets]

Ocean Veau Analog (ElectraX Bank) [Synth Presets]

奇妙 2020年10月31日| 15兆字节

这次围绕Ocean Veau为您带来了Analog XP&Drum Kit。该XP&Kit的灵感来自于我们都知道并钟爱的模拟录音的古老,经典,温暖的感觉。如果您想在生产中增加复古感,那么Analog XP&Kit非常适合您!

  • 包含45个自定义预设!
  • 可与ElectraX和Electra 2一起使用!
  • 还包含带有定制和原始鼓样本的鼓套件!

FANTASTiC | 31 October 2020 | 15 MB

This time around Ocean Veau brings to you the Analog XP & Drum Kit. This XP & Kit were inspired by the old, classic, warm feel of analog recordings we all know and love. If you are looking to add a vintage feel to your production then the Analog XP & Kit are perfect for you!

  • Contains 45 custom presets!
  • Works with both ElectraX and Electra 2!
  • Also contains a drum kit with custom and original drum samples!