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Laniakea Sounds Cloud Trap And Late Night Beats [WAV]

Laniakea Sounds Cloud Trap And Late Night Beats [WAV]

团队火炬| 2020年10月31日| 163兆字节

感受云陷阱和深夜节奏的深沉黑暗氛围。专为Splice设计的现代Cloud Trap和Lofi Hip Hop氛围的融合。从空灵的气氛到真实的鼓声和深色旋律,此包装包包含了所有想要以Cloud Trap风格寻找令人难以置信的样本的制作人必需品。




Team Flare | 31 October 2020 | 163 MB

Feel the deep & dark atmosphere of Cloud Trap & Late Night Beats. A fusion of contemporary Cloud Trap and Lofi Hip Hop vibes created exclusively for Splice. From ethereal atmospheres to authentic drum loops and dark melodies, this pack contains all essentials for producer who looking for incredible samples in Cloud Trap style.

Inspired by melodic 808 Trap and Trap Soul sounds, Laniakea created an authentic collection of sounds which immerse you in smoky late night atmosphere. Every loop is meticulously key-tagged and tempo-synced, and of course all of them are 100% royalty-free.


· 25 Drum Loops
· 33 Music Loops
· 8 Hats
· 5 Kicks
· 6 Snares
· 23 Top Loops