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Concept Samples Trap Legends [WAV]

Concept Samples Trap Legends [WAV]

DECiBEL团队| 2020年10月31日| 172.3兆字节

Concept Samples的“ Trap Legends”提供了各种城市声音,包括滚动的鼓循环,深色的Leads和Plucks,沉重的Bass等等。立即下载精选设计独特的顶级元素,将其拖放到DAW中,开始创建顶级的Urban轨道。

这个高级收藏品具有为嘻哈音乐和Trap音乐制作人开发的高质量元素调色板。所有文件都带有标签,以便于浏览。本产品中的声音是使用精品级设备开发的,例如Electron的Analog Rytm,Access Virus Ti,Waldorf Pulse 2,Moog Sub 37等。


-44.1kHz / 24位

Team DECiBEL | 31 October 2020 | 172.3 MB

‘Trap Legends’ by Concept Samples delivers a selection of Urban sounds, including rolling Drum loops, dark Leads and Plucks, bottom-heavy Basses and more. Download this top-quality selection of uniquely designed elements today, drag and drop them into your DAW to start creating top-class Urban tracks.

This premium collection features a high-quality palette of elements developed for producers of Hip Hop and Trap music. All files come labelled for easier navigation. The sounds within this product have been developed using boutique-grade equipment, such as Analog Rytm by Electron, Access Virus Ti, Waldorf Pulse 2, Moog Sub 37 and more.

Product Details:

– 44.1kHz/24-Bit
– 100% Royalty-Free