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Laniakea Sounds Afterhours Hip Hop And Soul [WAV]

Laniakea Sounds Afterhours Hip Hop And Soul [WAV]

团队火炬| 2020年10月31日| 438兆字节

Laniakea Sounds自豪地展示他们的嘻哈系列新专辑-“ Afterhours Hip Hop&Soul”,其中包括老式和冰冷的声音,其中包括柔和的有机音色,多灰尘的节拍鼓音色和脆脆的一声。

由Laniakea Sounds的一位才华横溢的制作人创建的全新图书馆,让您沉浸于下班后的氛围之中。期望找到带有罗兹,萨克斯管和温暖的贝斯的丝绸音乐圈,富有创意的鼓圈,正宗的FX等,因为此包包含用于编写冰镇嘻哈和Soulful RnB音乐的所有基本知识。650 MB的内容,包括用于基本制作的声音,用于专业人士的大量乐器材料,经过认真处理并已经在等您。确保尘土飞扬的脚踢,乙烯基裂纹,户外氛围和迷人的氛围会激发您嘻哈音乐的灵感。

«Afterhours Hip Hop&Soul»是制作人希望使用Hip Hop,Downtempo,Soul和Chillout音乐风格制作曲目的理想选择。所有样本均免收专利费,并且可以以任何隐藏费用用于自己的音乐,尽情享受。


·25 Vocal FX

Team Flare | 31 October 2020 | 438 MB

Laniakea Sounds are proud to present their new pack from Hip Hop series – «Afterhours Hip Hop & Soul», coming with collection of vintage and chilled sounds, includes soft organic loops, dusty breakbeat drum loops and crispy one shots.

Get ready to immerse into the world of After-hours vibes with brand new library, created by one of talented producers from Laniakea Sounds. Expect to find silk music loops with rhodes, saxophones and warm basses, creative drum loops, authentic FX’s and much more, because this pack contains absolutely all essentials for writing chilled Hip Hop and Soulful RnB music. 650 MB of content which includes as sounds for basic production, as a lot of instrumental material for professionals, carefully processed and already waiting you. Be sure, dusty kicks, vinyl crackles, outdoor ambiences and charming atmospheres, will inspire you for hip hop jam.

«Afterhours Hip Hop & Soul» is the perfect addition to the arsenals of producers looking to create tracks in a Hip Hop, Downtempo, Soul and Chillout styles of music. All samples are royalty free and can be used in your own music with any hidden costs, enjoy.


· 8 Bass Loops
· 26 Drum Loops
· 34 FX
· 24 Instrument Loops
· 13 Music Loops
· 10 Bass One Shots
· 31 Hat One Shots
· 26 Kick One Shots
· 25 Snare One Shots
· 25 Instrumental One Shots
· 26 Top Drum Loops
· 25 Vocal FX