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Dear Reality dearVR MONITOR v1.0.0 [WiN]

Dear Reality dearVR MONITOR v1.0.0 [WiN]

R2R团队| 2020年11月13日| 75.7兆字节

准备改善混音和母带中的每个选择吗?Dear Reality的新dearVR MONITOR插件使您可以使用自己喜欢的耳机在理想的参考质量的聆听室中聆听音乐。

使用dearVR MONITOR,您现在可以随时随地进行混合,而无需昂贵的声学优化控制室。无论您是以立体声,5.1或7.1之类的环绕声格式,还是以5.1.4和9.1.6之类的复杂Dolby Atmos格式工作,它都可以虚拟地将您自己带到完美的聆听空间。

无论您是在旅途中,在家中,不熟悉的工作室中还是在嘈杂的环境中,dearVR MONITOR都能为您提供真正参考质量的聆听室的所有优势,以便您可以快速,可靠地评估混音的质量选择—全部来自您自己喜欢的耳机的舒适感。

dearVR MONITOR既灵活又易于使用。您可以快速调整其虚拟聆听室,以满足您的个人需求。只需单击几下,您就可以更改房间型号,从而可以确定从小型汽车到电影院的所有卧室听起来都很棒!在11种不同的声学环境中进行选择,包括俱乐部,客厅,汽车,舞台,电影院等。

无论您是要提高耳机混音的质量,还是要在没有昂贵的多声道扬声器系统的情况下监控复杂的环绕声格式,dearVR MONITOR都可以帮助您彻底改变音乐的聆听方式。


使用您的耳机来监听从5.1之类的简单系统一直到杜比ATMOS的各种多声道环绕声和身临其境的音频格式和Auro 3D格式
。dearVR MONITOR提供5种参考级混音室模型
无需昂贵的硬件:dearVR MONITOR可以完美地在普通耳机上运行

Team R2R | 13 November 2020 | 75.7 MB

Ready to improve every choice you make in your mixes and masters? The new dearVR MONITOR plugin from Dear Reality allows you to hear your music in an ideal reference-quality listening room, using your own favorite headphones.

With dearVR MONITOR, you can now mix anywhere, anytime, without the need for an expensive acoustically-optimized control room. It allows you to virtually transport yourself to the perfect listening space, whether you are working in stereo, in a surround sound format like 5.1 or 7.1, or even in complex Dolby Atmos formats like 5.1.4 and 9.1.6.

Whether you’re on the road, at home, in an unfamiliar studio, or a noisy environment, dearVR MONITOR gives you all the benefits of a real reference-quality listening room, so that you can quickly and reliably evaluate the quality of your mix choices—all from the comfort of your own favorite headphones.

dearVR MONITOR is also as flexible as it is easy-to-use. You can quickly adapt its virtual listening room to suit your personal needs. Just a few simple clicks allow you to change the room model so that you can be absolutely certain your bedroom mixes will sound great in everything from a small car to a movie theater! Choose between 11 different acoustic environments including clubs, living rooms, cars, stages, cinemas, and more.

Whether you’re looking to improve the quality of your headphone mixes, or monitor complex surround sound formats without an expensive multi-channel speaker system, dearVR MONITOR can help change the way you hear your music for good.


Hear your mixes in the perfect reference-quality studio environment from the comfort of your favorite headphones
Use your headphones to monitor a wide variety of multi-channel surround and immersive audio formats, from simple systems like 5.1, all the way up to Dolby ATMOS and Auro 3D formats
Check your mixes in 11 different acoustic environments including live venues, cars, clubs, movie theaters, and more
dearVR MONITOR offers 5 reference-grade mix room models
No expensive hardware required: dearVR MONITOR works perfectly on regular headphones
Incredibly intuitive and easy to use GUI
More multi-channel formats and room types available than any other comparable plugin