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Zenhiser Pulse: Drum and Bass [WAV, MiDi]

Zenhiser Pulse: Drum and Bass [WAV, MiDi]

DECiBEL团队| 2021年1月3日| 1.49 GB

“ Pulse-Drum&Bass”是一种超紧,超节奏的重节奏,节拍,低音线,合成器,乐器和声音的选择。这个疯狂制作的系列完美融合了音效用具,将超越您以前的曲目,并以史诗般的比例提升您未来的作品。

任何Drum&Bass样本库的基础部分都是其鼓,“ Pulse-Drum&Bass”具有震撼的节奏,活泼的鼓声和大量的全混合循环,可以为您展示所有这些鼓动力的节奏。2.0GB的滚动内容奠定了这个精巧制作包的基础,完整的混合循环分解为单独的元素,允许可互换的图层创造了无穷无尽的可能性。合成器和乐器循环非常适合深,智能鼓和低音,Techstep,Neurofunk和Half time来完美平衡其节拍和贝司线。丰富的旋律,合成器,fx和可怕的鼓声为鼓声和打击提供了新的高度


鼓命中- 01前场任意球- 14次
鼓命中- 02嗨帽子- 35次
鼓命中- 03圈套- 14次
鼓命中- 04打击乐- 34个
循环-呗司- 35
循环-鼓声- 105
循环-完全混合- 105
循环-南部- 105
循环-合成器和仪器- 77
一次射击- FX – 35
一个镜头-这旋律命中- 20
一个镜头-这Synth的命中- 45个

总样本- 519
共计南部- 105
天宝- 172bpm – 176bpm

Team DECiBEL | 03 January 2021 | 1.49 GB

‘Pulse – Drum & Bass’ is a super tight, ultra rhythm heavy selection of beats, basslines, synths, instruments and sounds. This insanely produced collection has the perfect blend of sonic utensils that will outperform your previous tracks and turbocharge your future productions to epic proportions.

The fundamental part to any Drum & Bass sample library is its drums, ‘Pulse – Drum & Bass’ has you covered, with punchy beats, snappy drum sounds and a plethora of full mix loops that showcase these drum fuelled beats in all their glory. 2.0GB of rolling content forges the foundations of this wonderfully crafted pack, full mix loops are broken down into individual elements allowing interchangeable layers to create a new endless amount of possibilities. Synth and instrumental loops perfectly suited for Deep, Intelligent Drum & Bass, Techstep, Neurofunk and Half time balance their beat and bassline counterparts perfectly. Rich melody hits, synth hits, fx and monstrous drum sounds deliver a new level of must have one shots for Drum & Bass producers whilst an enticing amount of Midi provides inspiration at a molecular level of programming.

‘Pulse – Drum & Bass’ is overflowing with intangible sounds that were, until now out of reach, so grab this D&B sound pack today and boost your productions past unimaginable levels.

Drum Hits – 01 Kicks – 14
Drum Hits – 02 Hi Hats – 35
Drum Hits – 03 Snares – 14
Drum Hits – 04 Percussion – 34
Loops – Basslines – 35
Loops – Drum Beats – 105
Loops – Full Mix – 105
Loops – Midi – 105
Loops – Synth & Instruments – 77
One Shots – FX – 35
One Shots – Melody Hits – 20
One Shots – Synth Hits – 45

Total Samples – 519
Total Midi – 105
Tempo – 172bpm – 176bpm
Info – Key: Yes
Unzip Size – 2.0GB
Zip Size: 1.9GB