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Zenhiser Future Bass Stems [WAV, MiDi]

Zenhiser Future Bass Stems [WAV, MiDi]

DECiBEL团队| 2021年1月3日| 1.46 GB

Zenhiser自豪地为大众展示了一款非常优雅的Future Bass干包。夏日浸泡的旋律在黄道的温暖,诱人的声音中无与伦比地滑行。这个豪华的样本库专注于吸烟区,结合了精美的编程功能,为下一个Future Bass的流行提供了丰富的音质。

“ Future Bass Stems”由10个出色的首发歌曲组成,经过精心组织,具有独立的词根,可以根据需要提供尽可能多的旋律内容。前奏音色,时髦的合成器音色,深沉的低音线,断断续续的人声和活泼的鼓声的折衷组合使您触手可及的优美演奏水平。这种无可挑剔的样品包在经典精致乐器和冒烟的热节奏之间实现了完美的平衡,将茎的生产提高到了一个新的水平。出色的录音和精湛的制作精益求精,使Future Bass包中的每首歌曲首创都脱颖而出。这确实是任何Future Bass生产商必备的工具箱。



压缩大小:1.9 GB

Team DECiBEL | 03 January 2021 | 1.46 GB

Zenhiser is proud to present a positively elegant Future Bass stem pack for the masses. Summer soaked melodies glide through an ecliptic journey of warm, seductive sounds paralleled to none. Focusing on smoking grooves combined with exquisite programming this luxurious sample library provides racks of sonic wealth for next Future Bass hit.

Comprising of 10 sumptuous song starters, Future Bass Stems is expertly organised with individual stems to assist with as much melodic content as you need. This eclectic mix of upfront sounds, funky synth lines, deep basslines, choppy vocals and snappy drums delivers a graceful level of production at your fingertips. This Impeccable sample pack establishes a new level of stem production with the perfect balance between classic refined instruments and smokin hot rhythms. Magnificently recorded and mastered to perfection helps every song starter within the Future Bass pack stand out from the rest. This really is the must have toolbox for any Future Bass producer.

This seductively sweet aura of summer goodness contains 100% royalty free 24-Bit Wav files and is ready for immediate download. All sounds and loops within the sample pack contain bpm and key information within the file name, tempo of loops range from 80bpm – 160bpm with everything wrapped in Zenhiser’s meticulous perfection.

10 Full Songs / Stem Kits – Includes stems for Basslines, Drops, Drums, Melodies, FX, Instruments and Vocals
Midi Files – 10

Files – Audio: 143
Files – Midi: 10
Type – Audio: 24-Bit Wav
Info – Key: Yes
Info – Bpm: 80bpm – 160bpm
Zip Size: 1.9 GB