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WA Production How To Make Awesome Kick Drums [TUTORiAL]

WA Production How To Make Awesome Kick Drums [TUTORiAL]

SoSISO团队| 2021年1月1日| 254.0兆字节

欢迎来到新的音频制作课程,Dan Larsson将向您展示如何使用几种不同的乐器合成脚鼓。踢鼓是电子音乐中最重要的部分,无论您制作哪种风格都没关系。


在第一个视频中,Dan将介绍创建特定鼓声的基本理论。接下来,在视频2中,他将使用XFer Serum击鼓。

视频3之后,Dan将使用他的“转到”合成器在Abelton Operator中实现相同的目标。

在视频4中进行总结,Dan选择了终极踢球武器,即Sonic Academy Kick2。






视频3-踢Ableton Operator

Ableton Operator是一个很棒的合成器,尤其是在创建疯狂的clicky瞬变时。因此,Dan选择使用这款出色的FM Synth来产生非常时尚的球拍。

视频4-Sonic Academy Kick 2

准备好了吗?在最后一部分中,Dan展示了他的最终选择武器Sonic Academy Kick 2,并向我们展示了如何进行认真的踢踢。

Team SoSISO | 01 January 2021 | 254.0 MB

Welcome to the new audio production course where Dan Larsson is going to show you how to synthesize a kick drum using several different instruments. The Kick drum is the most essential part of electronic music and it doesnt matter what style you produce.

Being able to create the perfect kick for your track is a crucial skill. In this 4 video long course Dan is going utilize 3 different instruments to create a kick sound that is nice, clean, heavy, and delivers that perfect punch.

In the first video Dan will cover the basic theory behind creating specific drum sounds. Next, in video 2, he will be using XFer Serum to make a solid drum hit.

Followed by video 3, Dan will be using his “go to” synth to achieve the same goal in Abelton Operator.

And wrapping things up in video 4, Dan chooses the ultimate kick weapon, Sonic Academy Kick 2.

So if you want to boost your productivity skills and make some mind blowing kicks, then what are you waiting for? Jump on into the course.

Video 1 – Kick Theory

In the first part of this series Dan crafts the basic theory behind a good clean, hard, and punchy kick drum. And don’t worry this wont be as boring as high school history class.

Video 2 – Kick in XFer Serum

In this video Dan uses the most popular synthesizer out there to make a solid bass drum. It may not be an easy task because of the envelops in Serum, but wait until you hear the end result.

Video 3 – Kick in Ableton Operator

Ableton Operator is an awesome synth, especially when it comes to creating crazy clicky transients. That is why Dan chose to use this stellar FM Synth to crank out a very stylish kick.

Video 4 – Sonic Academy Kick 2

Are you ready? In our last segment Dan breaks out his ultimate weapon of choice, Sonic Academy Kick 2, and shows us how to make a seriously phat kick.