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Dropgun Samples Fusion Vocal Pop [Synth Presets]

P2P | 10 June 2020 | 1.98 MB

Dropgun Samples Fusion Vocal Pop [Synth Presets]

A new generation of innovative and eclectic pop music has come, let’s add relevance to your music. The gentle and slow vocals added to this pack will be the heart of your new radio hit. In addition to these vocals, you will find awesome ideas for dance-pop drops. This pack will be equally useful both for the EDM producers and for the urban-pop beat-makers who’re looking for sounds of the highest level. Midi chords, synthesizer presets, vocal hooks and much more are lovingly produced and presented in this incredibly high-quality pack.

home paqe:https://splice.com/sounds/dropgun-samples/dropgun-samples-fusion-vocal-pop