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URM Academy Fast Track Reamping [TUTORiAL]

P2P | 09 June 2020 | 1.4 GB

URM Academy Fast Track Reamping [TUTORiAL]

My primary audio output has been through my YouTube Channel Riffs, Beards & Gear but I am also the audio engineer for Internet guitar/comedian Rob Scallon. Other works include all sorts of mix jobs for Wheezy Waiter, and even a song for a Ron Howard short film. I also love playing loud rock shows when I get time!

One of the original reasons I started a YouTube channel and wanted to educate and teach people is because I could find zero info on how to reamp myself back in 2010. It was infuriating. The people that DID know would refuse to tell as if it was some magical secret, and that was something I did not agree with.

Over the years I have learned what I know in the audio world through making many, many mistakes. While learning from your own mistakes is what will make you a better mix engineer and develop your ear, my hope is that this Fast Track will help you save a ton of time and frustration in doing your own reamping.

Check those preconceptions and egos at the door and lets buckle down and learn some shit!

All set? Lets go!

Ryan ‘Fluff’ Bruce

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