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Black Octopus Sound Snare City [WAV]

Team DECiBEL | 09 June 2020 | 11.7 MB

Black Octopus Sound Snare City [WAV]

Welcome to Snare City! This pack is exactly what you think it is; a snare focused pack with every style of snare you need to get the highest quality snares into your latest production!

A lot of producers forget the importance of ‘key’ when it comes to drums. Inside the pack are key labelled snares to make it easy for you to slot in at the right ‘pitch’ and give the song even more professional quality in both tone and character. Alongside these heavy banging and/or snappy tight snare one shots are experimental snares and foley snares. Both can be used to get those creative juices flowing in new and unique ways!

Grab Snare City today and find your new favorite go-to snare!

** PLEASE NOTE only the snares in the demo are from this pack. This is a Snare One Shot sample pack.

Pack Contents

75 Key Labelled Snares
15 Experimental Snares
10 Foley Snares

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